3 Sexy Drinking Games to Spice Up Your Party

Maybe you’re having a small get together and there is something missing; that extra flare that gets people excited and riled up. Many times you can fix this simply playing a drinking game, but other times it just isn’t exhilarating enough.
Well that’s why there are games that involve not only alcohol, but also stripping and kissing other players as punishment. They are games that are sure to get a party truly started—granted everyone is okay and comfortable with playing.
Read on to discover three sexy drinking games you must try with that naughty group of friends everyone seems to have.

Russian Roulette
This game is great because not only does it involve alcohol, but it also involves stripping off your clothes. So what you do is gather your friends and all sit in a circle, with a shot glass in the middle for each of you.
You then fill up every shot glass, except one, with water, and fill up the single, empty one with vodka. After everyone closes their eyes, someone then moves around all the shot glasses so no one can tell which one has the vodka in it.
All at once, each person must grab and shot glass and immediately drink it before taking the time to smell it or inspect it. Whoever picked up the shot glass with vodka then has to take off an item of clothing and then it is their turn to mix up the glasses. Adding more shots of vodka after a few rounds will surely get the game going and the mood going even more.

Suck & Blow
While the title can create some excitement, it is not as sexual as it sounds. In order to play, you will need a circle alternating boy and girl, a deck of cards and alcohol, too, of course.
So once you ar standing in a circle alternating genders, one person must then grab a card and place it against their lips and suck in order to keep it suctioned to their mouth. They must then turn to the person next to them, who then places their mouth on the other side of the card and begins sucking as the other person begins blowing, in order to pass the card along.
The goal is to get the card all the way around the circle without dropping it. Whoever two people dropped the card while passing it, they must take a shot and then kiss each other.

Flip, Sip or Strip
This game is great because it requires very little to play and there is no way someone can’t drink or end up taking a clothes off—unless they’re extremely good at flipping a coin, that is.
So, what you must do is get in a circle and then one by one take turns flipping a quarter. Before a person flips it, they alone must call out what they think it’ll alnd on—heads or tails.
If you guess right, you pass the quarter along. If you guess wrong, then you must take a shot. Guess wrong two times in a row and then you must take off a piece of clothing.

Here’s instructions on how to play Russian Roulette!