3 Common Drinking Games You Can Make Sexy

Everyone loves a classic drinking game that not only makes drinking more fun, but also makes it go quicker.
There are new drinking games constantly being invented to make things a bit more extreme or sexual, but I’ve always been a huge fan of the classics and only sought to improve them.
Read on to discover 3 classic drinking games that can easily be spiced up to really get a party going.

Beer Pong
Beer pong has become a modern classic when it comes to drinking games. Whether you’re new to drinking, a middle-aged mom or even a grandpa, everyone can play beer pong. All you have to do is throw a Ping-Pong ball five or six feet across a table and hope it lands in a cup. Pretty simple.
So, as the normal rules go—which I’m sure you are already very aware of—it is two versus two and if the other team throws a Ping-Pong ball in your cup, you must remove the cup and then drink its contents (which better be alcohol).
To mix it up a bit and make it a little more…exciting, you also must take off a piece of clothing after drinking your cup when it has been made. I highly advise to have one team consist of two girls, and the other team two guys, because, well, most people aren’t going to play otherwise.
But this game is great because it is simple, it gets you drinking and each team has 10 cups so at least five pieces of clothing will be coming off each player if all cups are made.

Rage Cage
Another classic game that only requires a Ping-Pong ball, some cups and, of course, alcohol. Everyone has played rage cage, and if you think you haven’t, you probably just played it under a different name. It is a quick-paced and easy to learn game that has no player limit and usually pits people against each other.
So there is a term in the game called “stacked,” which refers to when the person behind you bounces their ball into their cup before you, which then allows them to slam their cup into yours, ultimately stacking up. Once stacked, you then choose a cup of beer from the middle, chug it and then proceed to try to bounce the ball in and then pass the cup and ball along to the next person.
To makes things interesting and far more sexy, every time a person is stacked, they must grab a cup from the middle and chug it, as usual, but then also remove a piece of clothing. Now as I said earlier, this is a very fast-paced game so this is sure to cause a lot of commotion and stress, making the game even that more fun.

Never Have I Ever
If you’ve never played Never Have I Ever then you need to either get yourself a more adventurous group of friends or get outside and make mistakes more. This is a great game to shed light on people’s immature and crazy pasts, depending who you play with.
If you are unfamiliar with the rules, then I suggest you look them up online because it is a really fun game and simple to play.
So in order to spice things up a bit while playing, every time someone must put a finger down due to being guilty of doing whatever someone just said—“never have I ever blah blah blah”—they must also take a shot and then remove a piece of clothing.
The game comes to an end once someone has put all 10 of their fingers down, meaning that at least one person will have had to remove 10 pieces of clothing. After the first hand (5 fingers down), the shots become optional, but removing an article of clothing does not.

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