3 Reasons to Never Regret a Hookup

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all done that, but that doesn’t mean we need to spend the next few weeks ashamed of your spontaneous decisions. Life and dating are all about the experience, and the learning aspect of all that life has to offer.

There’s nothing wrong with having a sexual attraction and acting on it as long as you’re aware of any of the consequences that may happen in return. They’re supposed to be fun and filled with pleasure, and fun so doesn’t take away from that moment you had but tarnishing it with unjustified guilt.
1. No Take Backs:

Whining and regretting a hook up will literally do nothing for you but cause anxiety and a ridiculous amount of guilt when in realistically what’s done is done. It doesn’t matter how bad you wish upon a star it didn’t happen it already did so the faster you accept it for what it is, the less chaos you will add into your life.

There’s no reason to overanalyze the entire situation and beat yourself up about something that already happened, all you can focus on is the present moment and what may come in the future. Leave the past where it is

2. In The Moment:

You felt a certain way at the moment so you acted on it and there’s nothing wrong with that. For one thing, it takes two to tango so your partner felt the same thing as you for it to happen, so there’s no reason to regret it.

Your hookup is just one of the many moments in your life and life is too short to be regretting every hookup you have or wish you had. If you really didn’t want to go through with it, then you wouldn’t have but since you did, give yourself the credit of doing what you wanted at that moment in time.

There’s nothing wrong with acting on impulse if you’re semi-smart about your decisions, but we are all human and make mistakes but leave the regret for something more serious than a hookup.

3. Live and Learn:

Whether it was one of the best decisions or worse you’ve made, take it for what it is and learn your lesson. We all do certain actions that we think might be the best for us and even if they don’t end up being as good as we wanted, embrace it and move on.

There’s always something positive to take out of every situation so make sure you put yourself in that mindset after a hookup or surround yourself with people that will remind you when you fail to do so.

It’s really not the end of the world having a slightly regrettable hookup so don’t waste your precious time and energy wishing something didn’t happen when you can just accept it for what it was.

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