My Bio

Hey what’s up everyone! My name is Brian and I am the writer of this blog website and a surfer plus many more things. The reasoning of why my blog is called “Costa Rica Surfing” is because I have been surfing for about 6 years and I just went to Costa Rica this previous summer with all my friends for a surfing trip and a graduation trip and it was unreal! And I mean so unreal that I am currently selling and packing up all my belongings and buying a one way ticket back to Costa Rica. It was such a humbling experience because of all the people, environment, food, and places that it just mesmerized me. When I went there I met a lot of cool people and one of those cool people is a bar and restaurant owner and he has offered me a job and has a shack that I can stay at until I get enough money to buy my own place. Through my blog I will keep you guys updated and hopefully inspire you guys to chase a similar experience!